Shareholders and Investors

The JCU Group is committed to achieve sustainable growth and improve shareholder value by actively disclosing information and communicating with shareholders and investors to enhance the soundness and transparency of its corporate management.

Appropriate Information Disclosure

The JCU Group disseminates not only business performance and financial information, but also topical information that summarizes high-profile topics through shareholder newsletters and information disclosed on our website. For our international investors, we provide an English version of this CSR Report, as well as English versions of our earnings summary and presentation materials.
In addition, in order to appropriately disclose information, the JCU Group has a Disclosure Committee to comply with the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the securities exchange, and makes every effort to actively disclose information deemed to have an effect on investment decisions. Furthermore, our Disclosure Policy is available on our website for the general public to view.

JCU Disclosure Policy

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

In addition to the general meeting of shareholders, the JCU Group holds semiannual financial results briefings for institutional investors and securities analysts, and One on One Meetings throughout the year.
In order to prevent COVID-19 infections, we conduct hybrid meetings where people attend in person, over the phone, or online. By improving the efficiency of dialogue formats, we were able to speak with more investors. Furthermore, we did not hold a financial results briefing, and instead published videos on our website explaining our half-year and full-year financial results.
Our aim through these activities was to communicate information on JCU's business operations, performance, and management strategy, etc., to enable stakeholders to deepen their understanding in our company, and enable management to share in the valuable feedback from our shareholders and investors to improve our management transparency.

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