The JCU Group has appropriate internal management in place to promote sustainability activities.

CSR Policy

We have established four CSR policies to contribute to the sustainable development of societies.

1Continue to provide better
products and services as an
R&D-oriented company. 2 Comply with laws,
regulations, and social rules,
and work to address social
demands that go beyond
these rules. 3 Make every effort to
appropriately communicate
with stakeholders and
maintain relationships of
trust. 4 Enhance management
transparency, improve
openness of communication,
and conduct corporate
activities in a fair and
equitable manner.

Communication with Stakeholders

The JCU Group places great importance on communication with our stakeholders in order to meet the expectations of society.

Communication with Stakeholders

In-house Education on Sustainability

The JCU Group conducts internal education on sustainability from time to time in order to realize its vision of becoming “a global company that continues to grow sustainably.” In FY2022, we explained our TCFD and CDP initiatives̶in some instances in web conferences̶to executives and employees at our domestic offices and overseas subsidiaries.

Initiatives for SDGs

The SDGs consist of 17 goals for realizing a sustainable world.
The JCU Group will continue its efforts to contribute to these goals as much as possible.