CSR Management

Centered on our Corporate Philosophy and our CSR Policy, the JCU Group is committed to drive forward CSR to contribute to the development of sustainable societies.

Corporate Philosophy

CSR Policy

The JCU Spirit

We approach matters with “enthusiasm” and serve people with “sincerity.” In other words, we engage in our daily work with “enthusiasm and sincerity.”

Initiatives for SDGs

The SDGs consist of 17 goals for realizing a sustainable world.
The JCU Group will continue its efforts to contribute to these goals as much as possible.

・Soraputi Kids’ Camp

  • ・Number of employees
  • ・Employee comments

・Water consumption volumes

・Make use of renewable energy

・Comfortable working environments

・Environmentally conscious products

・Respect for human rights


  • ・Our customers
  • ・Environmentally conscious products

・Carbon offsetting

  • ・Environmentally conscious products
  • ・Pollution and waste
  • ・Carbon offsetting
  • ・Pollution and waste

・Corporate governance

  • ・Carbon offsetting
  • ・Soraputi Kids’ Camp
  • ・Our business partners

Communication with Stakeholders

The JCU Group places great importance on communication with our stakeholders in order to meet the expectations of society.

CSR Training

The JCU Group holds briefings on CSR at appropriate times. In FY2021, we partially relied on web conferencing to explain our CSR initiatives to our offices in Japan and overseas subsidiaries as part of our internal IR activities.