In order to contribute to preserving the global environment and creating sustainable societies, the JCU Group makes every effort to reduce its use of water resources.

Understanding Water Usage

Because JCU uses large amounts of water resources for R&D and at our production sites, we make every effort to understand and reduce water consumption at all of our domestic sites. The resolution of water resource-related issues has also been set forth as one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we will continue to take actions to improve our operations going forward.
Domestic sites took in a total of 13,553 m3 of water in FY2021, and while this represented a roughly 20% decline compared to FY2017, it was an increase of about 5.9% compared to the previous fiscal year. This can be attributed mainly to the increase in production volume at the Niigata Plant compared to the previous year. Per-unit water consumption per production volume at the Niigata Plant remained largely unchanged from the previous fiscal year at 1.56 m3/t.
In addition, the Niigata Plant and R&D Center are engaged in actions to understand the amount of tap water used and discharged, and to establish an awareness for reducing water consumption such as by regularly calling for water conservation.

Annual water consumption at domestic offices

Unit of water consumption per production volume at the Niigata Plant

Unit of water consumption per number of employees at the R&D Center