Business strategy and Sustainability

Since the company’s founding in April 1968, the JCU Group has supported the growth of the automotive, electronics, and other industries with a focus on providing a variety of surface treatment technologies that grew out of decorative and rust-proof plating technologies.
Our long-term goal is to become "A Global Company Capable of Sustained Growth," Business operations that reflect ESG and the SDGs that is able to survive in any country.
As a comprehensive manufacturer of surface treatment technologies, we are committed to continue to work tirelessly to meet the diverse demands of our customers.

Overview and Strategy of Our Chemicals Business

In our chemicals business, we are engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of surface treatment chemicals, and the sale of related materials for the Japanese and international markets. Our R&D strategies for our chemicals business consist of "R&D that is conscious of the environment, cost, and health" and "R&D that outperforms our competitors.” We have been expanding international sales with a focus on chemicals for automotive parts and printed circuit boards, and as a result, the share of international sales of our chemicals business has grown to nearly 80%. In order to maintain sustainable growth, we will establish a global sales strategy and carry out concerted and efficient sales activities. In terms of production, in addition to our mother plant in Japan, we operate our own production plants in five countries overseas, and have established a system that ensures a stable supply of high-quality products globally. While providing the same quality and service in all regions around the world, we aim to improve sales through initiatives that incorporate strategies for development, production, pricing, and public relations that are coordinated across the group.

Decorative and Functional Sector

In the decorative and functional sector, we manufacture and sell chemicals mainly used with automotive parts and faucet hardware. Demand for chemicals in this sector is expected to grow moderately over the long term. Environmentally friendly plating chemicals products have become essential with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and other environmental conservation initiatives,. With respect to environmentally friendly products, we are developing and will be bringing to the market as soon as possible processes that do not use environmentally regulated chemical substances such as hexavalent chromium, and processes for developing variations of design plating for diverse designs.

Electronics Sector

In the electronics sector, we manufacture and sell chemicals used for high-density printed circuit boards and semiconductor package substrates, mainly for smartphones, PCs, tablets, and servers. In addition to main products such as "Via filling copper sulfate plating process" and "Etching process for fine wiring formation", we are also developing technologies to reduce environmental impact throughout the supply chain through the use of our products, including the development of processes to shorten our customers' production processes. Looking to the future, we will continue to contribute to sustainable societies by working on the latest technologies that support moves towards the high integration, high-frequency compatibility, and environmental friendliness of electronic components; moves that are increasingly accelerating towards 5G and 6G, and beyond.

Overview and Strategy of Our Equipment Business

In our equipment business, we design, manufacture, and sell surface treatment systems for the Japanese and international markets. Our fully automated and precisely developed surface treatment equipment are used in a variety of sectors, including the automotive and electronics-related industries. Based on the concept of "integrated sales of systems and chemicals," which has been our philosophy since the time our company was founded, our equipment division also takes part in the R&D of chemicals. And through verifications—from the viewpoint of equipment mechanisms—of technical issues that cannot be resolved with chemicals alone, we promote the development and sales of differentiated equipment that maximize the performance of chemicals. In addition to plating equipment, we also sell printed circuit board etching and cleaning equipment that use plasma technology which has a high affinity with chemicals, and other equipment that support high-density manufacturing technologies.